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Freshness Update in Google Search Console

Webmaster and marketers rejoice! Google has introduced fresh data in Search Console and is visible in both the graph and the data table. Your search performance statistics can now be less than 24 hours old which is amazing.

fresh search console data
Performance on

Google Update: 22 August 2018

  • Stronger flux than “Medic”
  • 3rd most volatile day in 2018
  • Most volatile day this year since 10th of March
  • Impacts desktop more than mobile

Google has just rolled out another update, significantly more prominent than the recently reported “Medic”. It’s …


Google Auto-Suggest Bug

Today I discovered an interesting bug in Google’s auto-suggest feature which is triggered by incomplete words in long form queries. To recreate the bug search for a long sentence but remove a few last letters of a word and then …

Heads Up: Upcoming Google Webmaster Tools Change

Heads Up: Upcoming Google Webmaster Tools Change

While alpha testing the new Search Impact feature in Google Webmaster Tools many of us noticed the impression data discrepancy. Dejan SEO website (web search only) shows 1,539,133 impressions in the Search Queries report while Search Impact shows 1,506,534 impressions …

Reddit Manipulates Google’s Results for Fun

Reddit Manipulates Google’s Results for Fun

Redditors have caught onto the fact that Google includes reddit in their news results and are currently having fun. Utilising website’s powerful traffic potential redditors are requesting upvotes to the front page with the promise of entry into Google’s results. …