We sometimes do things which have never been done before.


GriffithInnovation tends to strike when we face challenges.

DEJAN has an international reputation based on a long history of innovations and discoveries. We do things which have never been done before and help our clients lead the edge. As a brand have a strong voice. Our message resonates through many thousands of followers, fans and brand advocates. This year we’re leading the change in link building practices and transforming content marketing industry.


Problem: How we read is different how we write online.

Solution: Create web-friendly content framework.

One of the most fascinating problems in today’s content marketing industry is the discrepancy between content consumption and content production. How we write is very different to how we read. We found that only one in five Australians will read web read content word for word, the rest only scan and look for quick answers. Our solution combines existing technology and content philosophy based on inverted pyramid writing style. Showing an easy to scan content version by default while enabling contextual drill-down to expand key concepts within content.

WordPress Plugin Download:

Learn more about: Hypotext


Problem: Not knowing if website changes have caused rankings to fall.

Solution: Tracking global changes in search results.

Algoroo is Australia’s first Google algorithm tracker and has been widely accepted by the international SEO community, being featured on Search Engine Roundtable and the most reputable SEO blog, Moz. It is designed to monitor the level of daily fluctuations in search results and determine whether changes made to a website have affected rankings or not.

Algoroo tracks around 10,000 industry-specific keywords in Google and calculates the extent of the daily change by observing rises and falls of the tracked search terms. Results are displayed as a simple bar graph with green indicating very little change and red meaning an algorithm change affected a lot of queries in a big way.

Visit: Algoroo


Problem: Incorrect targeting due to multiple languages used on website.

Solution: Automatic implementation of hreflang tag to correct indexation.

The hreflang tag specifies a particular language for sites that have a global audience and many languages to consider. When creating new websites for multiple languages, the process of checking the validity of hreflang tag is manual and prone to errors. Flang does this automatically and allows web developers and optimisers to work seamlessly.

Highly regarded SEO entrepreneur, Aleyda Solis, has demonstrated how useful Flang can be in her international presentations and on Moz.

Visit: Flang

Fresh Link Finder

Problem: Missing opportunities to remove harmful links or capitalise on quality links.

Solution: Identifying links affecting rankings promptly.

Fresh Link Finder assists webmasters and SEO professionals with keeping track of newly generated inbound links on a daily basis. Users can enjoy the benefits of boosting high quality links and removing harmful links promptly to gain a high position on Google. Fresh Link Finder also tracks rankings and can import data from Google Analytics, allowing for insightful reporting capabilities.

Learn more about Fresh Link Finder on our blog here.

Visit: Fresh Link Finder

Phrase Potential Calculator

Problem: Identifying most profitable keywords out of large lists.

Solution: Calculating projected revenue of high potential keyphrases.

We are proud to have won the Australian Business Award for Marketing Excellence in 2012 for our creation of the Phrase Potential Calculator. The tool has also featured in Berlin’s ONLINE EDUCA conference.

Selecting the most lucrative keyphrases to pursue can be like picking a needle out of a haystack for marketers, especially when it comes to large eCommerce websites with thousands of products. The Phrase Potential Calculator uses data from Google Webmaster Tools and calculates the search volume, clicks and projected revenue of each phrase at its current position or the top three rankings on Google. The tool also provides clearly detailed summaries such as traffic increase, market share and a financial potential to be used for meetings and management decisions.

Visit: Phrase Potential Calculator


Problem: Finding active followers on Google+.

Solution: Automatic suggestions of friends, fans and brand advocates.

DejaPlus is a useful tool for building followers on social media and increasing highly valued referral links to a website. The tool automatically finds friends, fans, and brand advocates on Google+.

Google+ presents many opportunities to integrate branding and touch points with many sub-groups of users and is on it’s way to becoming one of the most popular social media platforms. DejaPlus is one of our latest creations and will no doubt prove to become invaluable for many digital marketers in the near future.

Visit: DejaPlus

Google+ Interactive Post

Problem: Losing potential Google+ followers reading blog posts.

Solution: Creating interactive call-to-actions linking Google+ to WordPress.

We can’t get enough of Google+ but needed to find a way of simplifying the process of users implementing call-to-actions with their posts. Our plugin for Interactive Posts allows WordPress websites to be streamlined with Google+.

Read more about it here.

Visit: Google+ Interactive Post

Google Webmasters Tools Backup

Problem: Manually backing up GWT after losing expired data.

Solution: Automatically saving historical GWT data.

Currently Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) data expires after a period of time. This means that website owners and webmasters are missing out on a stack of historical data. Google Webmasters Tools Backup saves GWT data on a daily basis to overcome time-consuming and cumbersome backing up usually completed manually.

Visit: Google Webmasters Tools Backup

SERP Preview Tool

Problem: Search snippet optimisation is hard to visualise.

Solution: Chrome extension enables real-time search result preview.

Visualise how your website will appear in the search results with a simple and light SERP preview tool. The extension allows you to quickly tweak different combinations of TITLE and META DESCRIPTION with search term applied in the visual output simulating search engine result page snippet.

Install from here: SERP Preview Tool