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[SEO Test] Tabs and Accordions not OK in Mobile-First

An SEO test was conducted on three sets of mobile-first websites with similar authority.

Our results show that content hidden behind tabs and accordions remains devalued.

The page ranks, just not enough to compete with a site that doesn’t hide …


SEO Experiment: CTR Manipulation

1,500 Mechanical Turk workers were instructed to:

  1. search for [money term]
  2. search for [money term, test site brand]
  3. click on [test site]

mechanical turk

I wanted to see if a follow-up search and high CTR had any impact on Google Suggest and …


Does link disavow tool do anything?

This is a case study involving dejanmarketing.com domain and impact of link disavow file removal on its vulnerability to ongoing algorithm updates. Our reasoning for this test was that brands “Dejan SEO”, “Dejan Marketing” and domain “dejanmarketing.com” had enough recognition …

Test Update: Hidden Content

Test Update: Hidden Content

If a piece of content really important don’t hide it in any way on your page. Display it clearly visible for both users and search engines.

Key items:

  • Don’t hide important content using mechanisms such as tabs and accordions
  • If

Negative Impact of 301 Redirects

Redirecting four of our popular blog posts to a commercial page lowered its rankings in Google.

Redirected posts:

Target page:

Type of redirect: 301
Search term: SEO Brisbane
Scope: Same Domain

Initial Results

301 redirects …


User Behaviour Data as a Ranking Signal

Note: This article was first published on Moz Blog. This version does not use hypotext functionality and will be used to test the performance of hidden content in Google’s search.

Question: How does a search engine interpret user …