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Google Discover Optimisation Guide for Marketers

Google Discover Optimisation Guide for Marketers

Quick Summary
  • Google Discover can send a lot of traffic, but is underutilised by marketers
  • To enter, your page must “peak and sustain” user interest (e.g. organic, EDM, social ads)
  • Learn to tune your feed to spot trends and

Universal Analytics – A new take on data

Universal Analytics

So…., what’s new?

Many may be familiar with the existing Google Analytics platform, its evolution over the years since its release in 2005, its benefits and indeed its flaws.

Currently in beta, Google have released a Universal Analytics tool set  …


Making it Happen in Online Marketing

Mihajlo Thinking

After spending two years as an executive in a fast growing Online Marketing agency with several offices across the globe, a large number of to-dos can accumulate in any given day. I go through a lot of delegation, continuous prioritising …


Guerrilla SEO: BitTorrent

Guerilla SEO Cat

  1. Download BitTorrent
  2. Something, Something.
  3. Profits!
Part I: Download BitTorrent

Marketing professionals and SEOs, tend to hop on their rails and churn tasks on autopilot. Although this saves time and energy, it also makes you grey. You want to be …