Content Marketing by Dejan

How can a content marketing agency help your business? In a world where free tweets and social shares can get more exposure than expensive traditional advertising, content marketing is a powerful tool for creating brand awareness. But that’s not the full picture. You might be aware of the elusive concept of viral marketing but what about the benefits of:

  • Increased user engagement
  • Positive brand image
  • Referral traffic
  • Increased search visibility
  • Increasing the size and scope of the sales funnel
  • Improved rankings in search engines

As a world renowned search marketing agency Dejan has been creating content to meet specific business objectives since it’s inception. Our approach is goals oriented and we never create a piece of content without first addressing the specific needs of the business and identifying opportunities that will help move the business towards achieving its goals. This combined with over 10 years of digital marketing and promotion know-how sets us apart from other content marketing agencies.
The strategy phase identifies business objectives, user needs and proposes specific content formats and amplification strategies to meet those KPIs.


During the implementation phase we work closely with clients to identify develop the most effective content to meet business objectives. Our in house content team work on research, writing and development.
During the review phase we identify performance of content against KPIs and adjust the strategy.
In the first stage we look at your business and talk to you about the relationships and opportunities available to you. We look at things you might have already considered, reviewing the activities you’re already engaged in, as well as talking about things you might not have thought about. Once we have a good understanding of the relationships and capabilities within your business we can take on the research phase.
The research stage is what makes the difference between good content sitting on your website doing nothing, and great content being seen and shared by thousands of people and websites.
In this stage we look at:

  • The topics & themes relevant to your business
  • The influential people who are sharing content related to your industry
  • The types of content being shared and the resources available to develop it

This structured approach to research allows us to identify opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. It also ensures that once the content is developed we have a suitable audience and promotional strategy.
For a content marketing campaign to be successful it’s important to have 3 things:

  1. A good content platform
  2. A social media presence or newsletter
  3. The right content

Our role is to help you get these elements working together. We can help with the development of a blog if you don’t have one, or help make your blog more likely to be read and shared by users. We can also help you develop you social media presence by providing guidelines for the best kind of design to use and content to share. We can even help in getting a regular newsletter setup, finding the best way to communicate with an existing list of users or generate a new list.
Finally, we can help you develop content for your own site. There are a couple of options for this, we can provide you with guidelines and leave it to you; we can support you with the content development by doing the parts that require specialist help; or you can leave it all up to us. The option you select will depend on the amount of support you think you need, and the budget you choose.
Most businesses aren’t in a position to get their content seen and shared. Having strong social channels and good user engagement strategies are strong start, but even these can fall flat if you don’t have a strategy in place for getting your content seen by influential people in your industry.
That’s where we come in. Based on our initial research we use a list of people who can help you promote your content to their own followers. The engagement stage of the process is where we help you establish relationships with key people and find ways to get them sharing your content. We look at engaging with:

  • Influential bloggers
  • Key users on social media
  • Traditional media
  • Charities
  • Education
  • Government

By connecting with these groups we can amplify your contents reach, increasing the chances of gaining exposure to a new audience and people in a position to promote it further. Being shared by these the groups also strengthens your brand image, giving it greater credibility among your prospective customers as well as search engines.
The review stage allows us to identify what has worked well for your content and what needs improvement. At this stage we can identify the need for changes to the platform, content type & topics used, or the targeted influencers. The small tweaks are what makes the biggest difference in the long run.
At this stage we’ll also provide a report on the campaign, using our custom in house reporting tools, and discuss the next steps for the campaign.