SEO Training

Imagine a digital team where everyone understands best SEO practices and work together towards a common goal.

“How can I help SEO as part of my daily routine?”

Our job as an SEO training provider is to brief, educate and excite everyone in your team about SEO. We start with a holistic session which may include everyone in the marketing and online team.
The next step is then to arrange smaller, more targeted follow-up session with separate teams and individuals. This allows us to get everyone on the same page and then work with distinct departments on specific goals and outcomes using real world examples.
We work with:

  • Marketing Directors
  • Marketing, Channel and Brand Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Web Designers and Developers
  • Content Team
  • Public Relations
  • Community Managers
  • Social Media Teams
  • External Providers and Consultants

ABC Case Study

Case Study: ABC – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC contracted DEJAN to create a custom training session for their digital team. Clients’ objective was to bring everyone in their digital team closer to understanding the benefits behind a unified search strategy. The session was facilitated by our head of search Martin Reed and has resulted in better understanding of SEO practices, improved cross-channel team collaboration and enhanced search experience for ABC users.

Training Programme Structure:

  • Overview
    • What is SEO
    • Benefits
    • SEO fundamentals
    • Performance tracking
  • Research
    • Phrase research
    • Competitor research
    • Risk assessment
    • Technical analysis
  • Practice
    • Technical implementation
    • Content strategy
    • Link attribution
  • Examples
    • Client-specific examples
    • Team-specific activities
  • SEO & Marketing
    • Department collaboration
    • Working with other channels
  • Advanced activities
  • Q&A