Google Webmaster Tools [January Update]

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools gets an UI and minor functionality upgrade, a nice touch in series of interface improvements which started appearing last year.

Probably the most exciting two new functions are:

1) Download the chart data
2)  Show n Rows

And now a real bonus!

My requests have been heard [1] and the sorting of search queries by position now works as it should and not the way it used to.

Thank you Google!

PS: One small bug. When you click on “Author Stats” in the Labs section it wipes out most of the other options from the main menu.

[styledbox type=”general” ]Update: Google has fixed the ranking positions in Webmaster Tools.[/styledbox]


[1] Google Webmaster Help Forum and Google+ Hangout Request to Google Webmaster Tools team members.

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  1. Anu P says:

    I use Google webmaster tool and I never used the Bing one. I’m not sure that the results would reflect the big market performance since Bing has a small part of it.songs