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Learning From Ex-Googlers: Shoes of Prey SEO

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I like to analyse websites made by ex-Googlers to see how they do SEO, and today I looked at a website called “Shoes of Prey” by Mike Knapp. I intend to keep this post in form of a summary and free from editorial or opinion.

Shoes of Prey

Summary of Findings

  1. Inbound link anchor text is almost entirely brand or URL [see table]
  2. Use of descriptive internal anchor text on content and blog pages [example].
  3. Great range of productive phrases [see table] with minimal text content on the home page.
  4. Smart use of synonyms [see screenshot]
  5. High authority links [see table]
  6. Only 25 “content” pages.
  7. Massive media coverage and brand references (150,000 results).
  8. Roughly 2,320 pages indexed.
  9. Quiet blog with low comment & social activity across 256 pages.
  10. Thin, repetitive content doesn’t seem to affect the performance of the site [example].
  11. Massive gallery page (ascending, descending, new & none overview indexed) with well-handled faceted navigation

Anchor Text

shoes of prey 375
www.shoesofprey.com 74
shoesofprey.com 44
http://www.shoesofprey.com/ 38
http://www.shoesofprey.com 18
(img) [No Anchor Text] 18
shoesofprey 11
[No Anchor Text] 10
shoes of pray 8
(img) shoes of prey 6
shoes 4
shoes of prey 3
michael fox 3
shoes of prey ontwerp je eigen s… 3
http://shoesofprey.com 3
shoes of prey’s 3
website 2
(img) shoes of prey logo 2
mike 2
visit website 2
shoes of prey com 2
here 2

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Search Snippet

The following search snippet screenshot illustrates triggering of related words as search matches and absence of keyword “buy”.

SERP snippet

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Productive Keywords

Keyword  Global Monthly Searches
make and buy your own shoes                                       260.00
design your own shoes                               110,000.00
design your on shoes                               110,000.00
custom make your own shoes                                    2,400.00
wedding shoes shoes                               673,000.00
custom make your own shoe                                    1,900.00
shoes for pray                                    1,300.00
shoes with pray                                    1,300.00
shoes design your own                               110,000.00
design and buy your own shoes                                       260.00
designer your own shoes                                       590.00
custom shoes design your own                                    1,600.00
designs your own shoes                                       390.00
wedding and bridal shoes                               673,000.00
design your own custom shoes                                    1,600.00
design your own shoe                               110,000.00
design ur own shoes                                       320.00
bespoke womens shoes                                       170.00
designing your own shoes                                       320.00
make your own custom shoes                                    2,400.00
customize my own shoe                                       480.00
design ur own shoe                                       320.00
make your own shoe                               110,000.00
custom made bridal shoes                                       720.00
make your own shoes                               110,000.00
make ur own shoes                                       880.00
design your own shoes design your own shoes                               110,000.00
make ur own shoe                                       880.00
making your own shoes                                 74,000.00
custom make your shoes                                    2,400.00
making your own shoes online                                    4,400.00
custom design your own shoes                                    1,600.00
make ur own shoes online                                          28.00
custom womens shoes                                    1,000.00
design your shoe                               110,000.00
custom made wedding shoes                                       720.00
making your own shoe                                 74,000.00
design ur own shoes online                                          16.00
small ladies shoes                                    1,600.00
make your own shoe online                                    1,000.00
small women shoes                                    5,400.00
women shoes for large feet                                    3,600.00
custom make shoes                                 22,200.00
make your own shoes online                                    6,600.00
design your own shoe online                                    1,000.00
make your own shoe design                               110,000.00
wedding shoes wedding shoes                               673,000.00
customize womens shoes                                       140.00
custom women shoes                                    2,900.00
width width shoes                               135,000.00
ladies shoes for small feet                                       110.00
shoes for small women                                    5,400.00
custom your own shoes                                    3,600.00
wedding day shoes                                       590.00
design your shoes                               110,000.00
shoes for small feet                                    4,400.00
design your own womens shoes                                          73.00
made your own shoes                                       390.00
shoes for large feet                                 12,100.00
larger womens shoes                                    6,600.00
designing your own shoes online                                          28.00
bridal shoes                               673,000.00
small shoes for small feet                                    4,400.00
customize your on shoes                                 14,800.00
design your own shoes online                                    6,600.00
custom your own shoe                                    2,900.00
customise your own shoe                                 12,100.00
customize your own shoe                                 12,100.00
narrow width shoes                                    8,100.00
customise your own shoes                                 12,100.00
wedding shoes for brides                               165,000.00
small feet shoes                                    4,400.00
shoes for large women                                 33,100.00
your own shoes                               135,000.00
brides wedding shoes                               165,000.00
custom shoes design                                    5,400.00
shoes for larger feet                                    1,900.00
women shoes for big feet                                    3,600.00
wide wide width shoes                                 90,500.00
odd sized feet                                          73.00
large women shoes                                 33,100.00
shoe for small feet                                    1,900.00
customize ur own shoes                                          58.00
design your own custom shoes online                                          46.00
larger women shoes                                    9,900.00
wide width shoes                                 90,500.00
design you own shoes                                    1,600.00
wide foot shoes                                 14,800.00
wedding bridal shoes                               673,000.00
small shoes for women                                    5,400.00
customize own shoes                                 14,800.00
large womens shoe                                 22,200.00
wedding shoes                               673,000.00
custom ur own shoes                                          73.00
shoes narrow width                                    8,100.00
customize your own shoes                                 14,800.00
shoes for bigger feet                                       590.00
custom own shoes                                    3,600.00
make my own shoe                                    6,600.00
handmade womens shoes                                       480.00
TOTAL SEARCH TRAFFIC                           6,432,605.00

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Link Authority

URL Page Authority Domain Authority
entrepreneur.com 73 92
fashiontribes.typepad.com 69 95
adwordsagencyapac.blogspot.com 66 93
highsnobette.com 64 57
feeds.feedburner.com 62 97
techcrunch.com 59 96
thenextweb.com 59 91
weddingchicks.com 59 76
crunchbase.com 58 92
color-stripes.blogspot.com 57 93

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