Results: Ten Months of Google Algorithm Changes

Google Flux

Data Source: Algoroo

We process search query data for thousands of keywords on a daily basis and observe fluctuations in their position. By adding both ups and downs into a single movement score we’re able to map the change levels on a daily basis. Algoroo has been collecting data for over a year now but only displays one month worth of data. The graph above shows ten months of collected SERP volatility data that we have on file.

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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One thought on “Results: Ten Months of Google Algorithm Changes”

  1. Phill says:

    Nice tool. How big is the sample size? It so simple yet insightful.