Coming Up: The Biggest Google Update of the Year?


Warning from Australia. Algoroo is showing 17th of May as a particularly turbulent day at 3.52 roos. So far there has been no official confirmation regarding the nature of the movement in search results Matt Cutts announces Panda 4.0:

This is the highest roo value recorded this year and the second most turbulent day since the Penguin update in May 2013:


I have predicted some sort of an update due to unusual “quiet before the storm” SERP fluctuations, however this is not the first such prediction. There were already some link bets in place regarding the next Penguin date.

While we’re on the subject of forecast, I fear the next iteration of Penguin may be labelled as “Google has gone too far” update. I say this because I have seen instances of actions and statements made by Googlers regarding what they consider webspam that appear to be the effect of somebody staring at something for too long and losing objective view on the matter.

Thanks to Peter Watson for reporting changes in Australian search results.

I’ll update this post with any new developments so if you notice something let me know.

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