Writing for the Web

Dan Petrovic
Hello and welcome to DEJAN, thank you so much for listening to our interview and coming over to check out what this contest will be about. Kindly consider taking a look at Dan’s blog, it’s packed with valuable SEO knowledge that few other places will give you.
The concept of writing for the web can be overwhelming, but it really just means finding a balance between pleasing search engines and your readers so that you can keep your rankings and keep your readers engaged at the same time.
Usually, when you focus on providing mind blowing value to your readers and improving engagement, search engines will reward you. But as you might have figure out from the interview, this isn’t always the case when you start thinking outside the box.

The Contest

So if you want to participate in today’s contest and potentially win a one on one coaching call with Borja, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Answer: “How would you improve your writing to keep readers engaged?” Tweet your answer and tag @dejanseo and @borjafat click here to listen to the interview again in case you need to craft your answer.
  2. Leave an honest review on iTunes about the interview.

Once again thank you and I hope you go take action on what you learned.