SEO Company

Dejan SEO is the most capable SEO company in Australia with experience in both SME and corporate sector across a variety of industries.

What makes Dejan SEO unique?


We’re recognised and respected in Australia and worldwide, known to generously share our experience, train and mentor others. You will find our papers and research in many authoritative industry resources and see our experts speak at the most important SEO events.

We don’t make any guesses.

Strategy team at Dejan SEO only makes informed decisions when it comes to our clients, and we take time to learn about the projects we work. During the campaign we are able to pin-point the most essential areas and targets and ‘chisel’ them away one by one. We prioritise by observing many factors such as traffic potential,¬†competitiveness, timing and return on investment.


Some of our clients wish to understand what goes ‘behind the scenes’ and we use that to create better campaigns. We share all our activities and give our clients access to collaborative tools making them part of the team. This is important as often clients notice great opportunities and can contribute valuable ideas to assist in the SEO campaign.

We really do the work.

Many SEO companies collect their monthly retainer and provide very little ongoing value to their clients. At Dejan SEO we put in the hours your pay for and proactively seek new opportunities. Our team is split up into small project groups with ownership and responsibility with individuals. We simply never drop the ball.