Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions directed at us:

1. What separates you from other SEM companies?

Our SEM strategists have had hands-on experience with hundreds of PPC campaigns and dealt with everything from small to medium businesses and large corporate clients.

2. What sort of monthly budget do I need?

In today’s market we almost always recommend a minimum daily advertising budget of $50 for most industries to give the campaign the best possible chance of success.

3.What sort of guarantees are there?

As a rule we do not make any guarantees, but if this is important to you, we’re more than happy to look at your situation and provide a custom guarantee arrangement.

4. How many keywords can I target?

We allow unlimited keyword targeting, however, targeting mass amounts of keywords is normally not the best strategy for most campaigns. We will work with you to determine which keywords will deliver the best results. 

5. Who will be in charge of my SEM?

Personalisation of service is one of the highest priorities here at DEJAN SEM. You will be appointed an account manager who will be directly responsible for your campaign. However, your project may comprise of up to 4 SEM strategists depending on its size.

6. How long have you been doing SEM for?

Our team of SEM strategists have been in the industry for a minimum of 2 years and anywhere up to 6 years.

7. What is your secret?

There is no secret, only hard work! At DEJAN SEM we make sure that we do the work that you are paying for, that’s it. In addition to this we also disclose a high level of transparency, allowing 24/7 access to our reporting and basecamp systems which allows you to check what work we have done at any time.