Online Strategy

Mihajlo and Martin
Martin Reed, Head of SEO, presenting the latest product and service advancements during the internal roundtable event.

Our world-class online strategy team is known throughout Australia and worldwide for cutting-edge research, software and advanced data analysis. Gain insight into your competitive landscape and understand your situation before making big decisions regarding your online marketing.

Research Components

  • Traffic data
  • Keyword analysis
  • Landing page targeting
  • Competitor research
  • Technical assessment
  • Content evaluation
  • Online SWOT analysis
  • Backlink profile scan
  • Risk assessment
  • Predictive modelling (scenarios)

Advantages of Strategic Approach

We advise all our clients to form a solid strategy before starting their online marketing activities. Our strategic advice is based on intelligent analysis of available data supplied in a concise, actionable format which enables:

  • Better use of spending budget
  • Timely actions
  • Pin-pointed activities
  • Understanding of competitive landscape
  • Detecting problems and obstacles
  • Setting realistic targets and expectations
  • Preventing surprises

When Australia’s most reputable firms seek advice they come to Dejan SEO. Call 1300 123 736 or book a meeting and find out what we can do for you.