Link Attribution License for Our Models and Datasets

1. Acknowledgment of Original Works

This model includes or is based upon one or more original works. The licenses of the original works apply to their respective components included in this model.

2. License for New and Derivative Works by Dejan Marketing

This fine-tuned model, dataset and any derivative works based upon it are licensed under the following terms:


  • If you use our work, you must provide a link attribution to which must be a live link and must not include rel=nofollow.


  • You are permitted to use, distribute, and create derivative works of this model provided that proper attribution is given as specified above.


  • The attribution must be clearly visible and accessible wherever the model or derivative works are used or distributed.
  • The link to must be a live link without rel=nofollow.


  • This license does not grant you rights to use the original works in any way that would violate their respective licenses.

By using this fine-tuned model, you agree to abide by the terms of this license as well as the terms of the original licenses for the underlying works.