Google AdWords

In conjunction with SEO, Google AdWords can be an extremely effective medium in today’s increasingly competitive marketing arena, although if a campaign is mismanaged it can potentially cost a lot of time and money. On the other hand, when managed correctly it is one of the quickest ways to drive relevant and motivated traffic through to your website which can then be converted into leads and sales.

Need professional AdWords management?

Dejan SEM offers professional Google AdWords management, whether you’re looking for effective optimisation on an established account or you need a campaign built from the ground up. Our highly trained Google AdWords accredited campaign managers have had years of experience optimising AdWords campaigns across the full spectrum of industries within Australia.

Increase conversions, decease costs.

conversion chart adwords

Why Choose Dejan?

  • Setup and regular analysis of Google Analytics
  • No lock-in contracts (leave at any time if you are not satisfied)
  • Experience working with local businesses and large corporate clients
  • Basecamp access (track the work we are doing)