Danica Radovanovic

Science, Tech, and Research editor at Dejan SEO

Danica Radovanovic is an Internet researcher, an academic, blogger and an analyst in Information Communication Technologies and Social Media.

She is University of Oxford and Fulbright Scholar in Information, Communication and the Social Sciences, finalising her doctoral dissertation on communication and collaboration practices on the Internet, social media use, and digital divides.

Danica writes for the Scientific American blogGlobal Voices Online, and other publications. She is a member of Wikimedia OSIISOC, and is a TED Associate. You can follow Danica on Twitter @DanicaR, Google+ or read more from her at  ‘Digital Serendipities’.

She is one of the judges at the International Science contest supported by Australian government http://www.60secondscience.net/the-details/the-judges