Dan Petrovic Pro-Science COVID-19 Activism

A journalist has recently interviewed Dan about his adverse effects following the second shot of Comirnaty. A number of concerns were raised by Dan including under-reporting and classification of data in DAEN database. We stress that while Dan was interviewed for the article he isn’t the author if it. We found a possible data problem and sought clarification. That is the extent of our contribution.

Dejan Marketing’s position officially remains pro-vaccine, pro-science and pro-technology.
We believe that good science is based on good data and this motto applies to our work as well.

Take a look at our advocacy and activism since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Promoting Australian Government media and messages to combat the pandemic.

  • Self-funded and managed by our marketing team.
  • We’ve reached hundreds of thousands of Australians during our campaign.
  • Our messaging was well-received and created a healthy conversation.

Our ads were seen by certain anti-vaxxer groups who have requested further information about our ads from Facebook, believing we were paid by the government to promote their content.

Here are a few examples of our early work:

Driving Positive Vaccine Sentiment

Non-paid, organic advocacy and outreach via social media promoting vaccination, social distancing and other pandemic measures. This included collection, processing and publishing of public opinion data which indicated trust in our government’s handling of the pandemic, minimal impact of conspiracy theorists and likely high vaccination adoption rates.

Here are two examples:

1. https://dejanmarketing.com/australian-public-opinion-statistics-covid-19-coronavirus/

2. https://dejanmarketing.com/australian-covid-19-vaccination/ 


Personal Activism by Dan Petrovic

Known in his circle of friends as an aggressive promoter of science and medicine, Dan has always been quick to jump to extinguish any unsubstantiated conspiracy theories and has lost friends and relationships over his pro-vaccination and pro-science views.

  • Two years of non-stop vaccination advocacy.
  • Numerous clashes and debates with anti-vaxxers.
  • Hundreds of social media posts:
    • Promotion of social distancing measures.
    • Encouraging mask wearing and contact tracing.
    • Sharing information from reputable sources.

Dan has during this time taken several breaks from activism when the attacks from anti-vaxxer groups and individuals would become overwhelming.

As a huge fan of mRNA technology Dan believes it will have positive impact on health, beyond COVID-19 prevention.

He continues to advocate vaccination and is a firm supporter of Australia’s politics when it comes to pandemic management.