Case Study – Insurance

Case Study: Insurance Comparison

The client engaged DEJAN SEO in November of 2011. Their goals were to improve organic search rankings and increase traffic to their website. Prior to approaching DEJAN SEO the client’s website had been affected by a Google Algorithm update and they had experienced a significant traffic drop.


1. Technical website review and onsite recommendations

2. Implementation of onsite recommendations

3. Strategy development

3. On-going content development and outreach campaign


DEJAN SEO have helped the client achieve excellent results in their time working together. Dozens of high volume keywords and dozens more long tail phrases have been pushed up into the top 5 positions. The graph below shows the SEO visibility of the client website over the past 24 months. SEO visibility is a score based on total number of ranking keywords, keyword search volume and ranking position.

Historical Graph

*The above graph was taken from Search Metrics and shows ‘SEO visibility”

*Panda 2.4 – August 2013. The Panda updates are designed to target ‘thin’ or ‘low value’ content pages. This update significantly affected the site.


*Dejan SEO engaged – December 2011. Following their drop in rankings and traffic the client engaged Dejan SEO to diagnose the causes and come up with a plan to recover their rankings. A comprehensive website review was carried out and recommendations made.


*Panda 3.4 – March 2012. This update caused a further drop in rankings and traffic. Measures were taken improve individual page quality by providing more unique value to the page visitor.

*Penguin – April 2012. This major update was released to target web spam including keyword stuffing and doorway pages. The client’s site was not affected.


*Panda #20 – September 2012. This was an additional tweak to the original Panda update. The client’s website was not affected and SEO visibility improved as a result of competitors being negatively affected.

*Penguin 2.0 – May 2013. This recent update had a major effect on many Australian sites in the insurance space and helped the client’s site to improve rankings and traffic.