Case Study – Comsos Clinic

Cosmos Clinic - Case Study


Cosmos Clinic began consulting with Dejan SEO in October 2011 to increase their online presence in the cosmetic procedures market in Australia; an area that has seen growth over the past few years. In line with this growing demand, Cosmos Clinic is continuing to expand and open new clinics around Australia.


In the face of strong competition from clinics actively undertaking SEO, an Advanced SEO Strategy was devised. This included:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Phrase research
  • Link-building
  • On-site optimisation
  • Creative content marketing


Cosmos clinic have seen positive results directly attributed from working closely with Dejan SEO. When comparing June/July statistics from 2012 to 2013, Cosmos Clinic has improved with:

  • 35% more total visitors 
  • 33% more unique visitors 
  • 44% more page-views
  • 132% more referral traffic

An increase in general traffic is always something to celebrate but the final statistic of a large increase in referral traffic is one worth noting. This means Cosmos Clinic is connecting with the right audience by receiving traffic from authoritative sources outside of their site. By having a focused custom campaign, their visitors are better targeted,  more engaged and interested in the products on offer and therefore more likely translate into a real world customer of  Cosmos Clinic.