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10 Tweaks to Your Website That Could Increase Sales 300%

10 Tweaks to Your Website That Could Increase Sales 300%

For companies using digital to grow business, a well designed and managed website can help grow sales and revenue massively. Even the seemingly small alterations have the ability to yield big results that would otherwise be lost when taking the set-and-forget approach.

These super easy tips are guaranteed to take your website from zero to hero.

  1. Add video content: Videos are a way to enhance customer experience and increase sales. Proof lies in millions upon millions of impressions that YouTube videos accumulate every day. Visitors are more likely to consume video content as opposed to reading excessive text paragraphs. Research has shown that videos increase conversion rates up to 80% in some cases!Dollar Shave Club has launched their business and significantly increased their sales thanks to an amazing video that almost cost them nothing!
  2. Go global and multicultural: Multilingual websites open your business to a much larger audience and can significantly increase your sales potential. Make sure you have a reliable translation management system and are mindful of cultural sensitivity – this is absolutely pivotal for anyone looking to grow their business on a worldwide scale.
  3. Build trust with website visitors: Making a good first impression with your business website is essential in building customer trust and loyalty. Don’t be afraid to strut your stuff by displaying relevant business accreditation & awards.Security seals are an excellent way to prove your customers that you are a trustworthy business and that their money is safe.
  4. Prevent downtime: If your business is suffering downtime due to IT problems, slow servers/load time, or worse yet, natural disasters, customers are known not to hesitate in switching to another website.Avoid these risks by improving your website scalability and implementing elastic cloud capabilities in your business that will ensure your business keeps running. The more stable you keep things running, the more time you’ll have to tend to other matters at hand. You can easily track your websites uptime using tools like Pingdom.
  5. Use responsive design: In this day and age, consumers are accessing websites through a greater variety of devices than ever before. As a business, there is nothing worse than having potential sales lost due to a visitor being unable view your site. Using a responsive site design not only ensures improves user experience across a broad range of devices, but also supports adhering to Googles best practices. These 14 brands significantly increased their conversion rates by implementing responsive design. 
  6. Post customer reviews: Happy and loyal customers are always an amazing resource to tap into. Especially with newer visitors, the addition of testimonials/reviews can be the increase levels of trust, and as a result, sales. Research, conducted by figleaves.com, products that had reviews had 12.5% higher conversion rates!Figleaves.com displays the number of reviews a product has in order to reassure the customer and increase trust in their brand.
  7. Add credibility to your copy–enhance your visitors’ trust in you: Effective sales copy is one of the key components in converting sales to visitors on your site.Just look at Amazon’s example for their Kindle Paperwhite: Short, simple, straightforward and highly effective.Amazons example of a sales copy for their Kindle Paperwhite.
  8. Boost your product’s desirability by adding images: Using high-quality images has been found to help influence customer buying decisions as they can see additional product features that product descriptions may sometimes skip.
    Where to place images on your website (top of the page, bottom of the page, etc.) should be determined with testing different locations and going with the one that has maximum impact.Mr Porter, a global menswear retailer has immaculate photos of their products from various angles. This gives customers a feeling that they know what to expect from the product if they order it.
  9. Offer Free Shipping: Free shipping is often the little nudge that customers need in order to go through with a purchase. In many countries free shipping is now expected.
  10. Target the right keywords: Using the right keywords for your website plays a large role in whether or not your online business will be successful. One of the highest return activities in search marketing is based off of this alone, so make sure to target the most relevant keywords to each particular product.

Whether it means investing your own company’s time to crush this aspect of the website or if it means hiring somebody to tackle the job, you can be sure that keywords play a crucial role in having your business appear in search engine results. The more traffic, the more sales!

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