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Predictive Analytics With Google’s Search Console Data

Predictive Analytics With Google’s Search Console Data

SEO is supposed to be strategic. There’s just too much work to do it all at once. By following my framework you’ll be able to easily surface extraordinary opportunities and prioritise your work accordingly.

In the last two articles I’ve …

Same Rank. More Clicks.

Same Rank. More Clicks.

Organic search traffic can be improved without increasing rankings.

All search results compete for user attention. An attractive search snippet on the second position can get as many or more clicks as a poorly presented first result.

What is click-through…
How to write for the web

How to write for the web

Here are the seven rules of effective online writing:

  • Start with a conclusion
  • Minimise interruptions
  • Enable “scanability”
  • Be appealing
  • Offer value
  • Build trust
  • Engage

You have just scanned over a bullet point list, which answers the question asked in

Here’s how web users decide if online content is trustworthy.

Here’s how web users decide if online content is trustworthy.

In the order of importance, the trust factors for online content are:

  • Content Properties. Title, spelling, grammar, style, language and presence of quick answers.
  • Proof. Quotes, links, references and citations.
  • Publisher Reputation. Brand, website or publisher reputation.
  • Author Reputation. Familiarity 

Advanced New Tail Keyword Research


TL;DR Version
  1. Show people a photo of your product
  2. Ask them what they would type into a search engine if they were looking for it
  3. Discover new attributes, concepts and synonyms you haven’t considered before
  4. Expand your keyword research by 

55% of Australians Have Used Their Phone to Buy Online

online shopping

  • 55% of Australians have purchased online using their mobile phone
  • 2 out of 3 have spent more than $10 on an item
  • Low value transactions linked to digital products such as books, apps, games and phone credit
  • Repeated buying behaviour 

Why do we link to other websites?

New research shows that organic links on the web often exist for explicitly promotional reasons.

A study of linking behaviour on the web was conducted between May and June 2016 in hope to understand the following:

  • Why web publishers link