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Guest Blogging is About Links

Guest Blogging is About Links

Twitter poll shows that the main reason for guest blogging within our industry is to get links.

More than half of our respondents participate in guest blogging with link building being the main motivation for most.

guest posts

Google has been …

What frustrates online shoppers in 2020?

What frustrates online shoppers in 2020?

What types of things frustrate you when shopping online?

Among the top nuisance factors in online retail are various interruptions such as advertising or pop-ups followed by shipping, pricing and website speed. Additional findings surfaced in this study …


Observation on January 2020 Core Update

January 2020 Core Update is significant in the sense that it triggered permanent SERP volatility that hasn't been observed since the period between 2017 and 2018.
Ads and Interruptions Destroy Content Experience

Ads and Interruptions Destroy Content Experience

Ads and interruptions are the two major factors contributing to negative content experience.

In October 2019, Dejan Marketing research team conducted an open-ended survey involving 1,500 Australians. We asked them to describe what frustrates them the most when reading online


Freshness Update in Google Search Console

Webmaster and marketers rejoice! Google has introduced fresh data in Search Console and is visible in both the graph and the data table. Your search performance statistics can now be less than 24 hours old which is amazing.

fresh search console data
Performance on
OK Google, Please Nofollow Your Sponsored Links, Thanks

OK Google, Please Nofollow Your Sponsored Links, Thanks

In order to improve the quality of the web and most importantly, lead by example, Google should:

  • Add rel=”sponsored” or nofollow to its past and current sponsored links through webmaster outreach
  • Create a company-wide policy for the use of rel=”sponsored”

What is the average user time on Google’s search results?

Dejan Marketing team surveyed 1,500 Australian Google users and asked how long they review search results before they decide which website to visit.

How long do people spend on Google's search results?

  • 53% of our respondents stated they take up to five seconds
  • 25% click between six and ten

Rewarding Original Content


On the 18th of July, Google changed its search results so dramatically that it set Algoroo into red (which is a rare event). At the time we had no idea what this could be, but on the 12th of September …